• Introduction to NVR

    Want to know what NVR is all about and see if it is for you?

    Introduction to NVR sessions available via Zoom.

    These will be interactive sessions to help think through NVR, and will it help you?

    Thursday 3rd Feb at 9.30-12.30


    Friday 18th March 09.30-12.30

    Cost £10.00

    To book a place please use the contact form to request a place/ places



Preferred Future NVR has come about because I, as an adoptive parent, was struggling to find the right support for my family.

I had updated myself on therapeutic parenting techniques and was using Dan Hughes’ PACE, (playfulness, acceptance, curiosity and empathy) – these helped, b things could still be better.

Then I went on an introductory day on NVR and started making small changes suggested. The change at home felt remarkable; I felt hopeful.

But I was struggling to find support in NVR, there was little available locally. I wanted to change that!

I have since completed training with Partnership Projects and am now an NVR. Practitioner.

I am also an experienced children’s nurse who has worked alongside families with children with very complex needs for many years. I have extensive experience of working with families, professionals and children across all settings.

My mission is to make NVR more accessible in the North East, and to show the potential and depth of this approach. It can be both a simple approach and yet deeply profound.

Want to learn more……..please read on, or contact me for more information or support.